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Turning to Eco-Friendly Taxis to Lessen Effects of Pollution

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We are now reaping the effects of pollution that we have caused throughout the years. Cars are one of the main contributors to pollution. Although governments have put in place measures to alleviate the causes of pollution, more and more private companies and individuals are doing their fair share of mitigating their use of pollutants, especially cars. Car manufacturers have built vehicles that are more environment-friendly – they do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere and do not consume gas. Car service companies also use cars that do not leave a carbon footprint in the environment, such as Green Tomato eco-friendly taxis.

Do hybrid cars cause pollution?

Hybrid cars are cars that use either gas or electric power to run. The amount of fuel that hybrid cars use is the same as conventional ones, so yes, they can still cause pollution. But the good thing about them is that you can switch the type of fuel you use to run your car. If you choose to use electric power to run it, then you don’t cause pollution by running your car. This is what makes hybrid cars attractive to drivers. Overall, they produce less pollution than conventional cars that only run on gas.

Types of emissions

There are two types of emissions created by cars – both conventional and hybrid – and they are direct and lifecycle emissions. One direct emission is the smoke that comes out of the car’s tailpipe and into the atmosphere. Direct emissions include pollutants such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide, which are very harmful to the environment and humans. Life cycle emissions, on the other hand, include a lot of processes, from the extraction of fuel from the ground to the production of gasoline, car production, use and disposal. All of these processes affect the environment.

The thing about hybrid cars is that, overall, they produce fewer direct and lifecycle emissions compared to gas-powered vehicles.

Fuel economy

The benefits of using hybrid cars do not end with the pollution aspect. They also contribute to fuel efficiency. Because there is an alternative power source that you can use – electric power – you get to save on fuel. This means that if you do not use gasoline, you do not consume it, and gas producers do not have to produce more gasoline for vehicle use. They no longer need to drill oil from the ground, exhausting resources in the process. Raw materials for gas will eventually run out, so using an electric powered car will prolong their life.

We should be more aware of the things we do, to see if they harm the environment in any way. If you do not own a car and hire a car service, the best thing to do is hire a company that gives importance to the environment by using eco-friendly cars. And if you are planning to buy one, choose a car that produces less, if no, pollution. Your little contribution to the environment will go a long way.

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