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Tips for Maintaining your Car

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When you are the owner of a motor vehicle it is important to ensure you take as much pro-active measures as possible in order to prevent any breakdown or problems.  If something goes wrong with your car it could potentially be pretty expensive therefore putting the thought in beforehand as to what you can do to prevent this could save you a lot of money and hassle.  Here are some tips we have come up with to help with maintaining your car.


These are your lifeline and important grip for your safety.  It is the only connection between the car and the road therefore ensuring these are particularly safe is really important.  Depending on your style of driving, these can wear pretty rapidly.  There are clear legal limits on your tyre wear therefore be sure to understand these and check your compliance.  In terms of tyre pressure, normally your car will have the details of what these should be (at the side of the driver seat) and modern vehicles will give you an indicator if these are set incorrectly or have deflated.  If your car has a spare tyre, it is also a legal requirement that this spare tyre is fit for purpose.  The recommendation from people like the Automobile Association is that you check your tyre pressure and wear every two weeks.  If there are any problems and replacement needed the n you can go to places such as the Windmill Garage in Waterlooville who can support.


It is also a legal requirement to ensure that all your external lights are in working order.  This includes your headlights, fog lights, indicators and break lights.  If any of these are faulty the police may stop you and give you a hefty fine and points.  More modern vehicles will also potentially warn you if any of the light are faulty however again it is best to check this out yourself on a regular basis to ensure that you remain safe and avoid any police stops.  Changing light bulbs on cars nowadays is sometimes not as simple as you would expect it to be and you may wish t get the support of a garage to do this for a very small fee.

Windscreen Water

If the windscreen water in your car runs low then it could cause you some significant safety issues.  Imagine driving a long journey and the weather is such that there is a lot of dirt being placed on your windscreen – the wipers without water will smudge this into your windscreen therefore the need for water to clean this is essential.  There are warnings that would normally come up in your car if this is running low but it would be a good idea to keep a large bottle of water in your car boot just in case the weather gets bad and you immediately need to use a lot of water for your windscreens.  Doing this top up within your car is usually really simple and can be done with no expert help required.

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