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Gauging the Most Interesting Features and Modules in Modern Cars

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Contrary to mainstream belief, the Model T was not the first mass-produced automobile. Roughly seven years before Henry Ford introduced his historic motor carriage in 1908, automotive innovator Eli Olds ordered the fabrication of more than 400 Curved Dash Oldsmobile cars and made them available to consumers across North America.

Even though the vehicle only held about 18 litres of fuel and topped out at a measly speed of 32 kilometres per hour, Mr. Olds was forced to up his production to nearly 3,500 cars just two years later due to high demand and widespread popularity. Shortly thereafter, Henry Ford built on Eli Olds’ assembly line tactics and he manufactured upwards of 14 million Model T cars during the next two decades. This marked the longest production run of any vehicle up until the Volkswagen Beetle eclipsed the Model T’s aggregate figures in the early ‘70s.

On the subject of automobiles and progress, it’s worth noting that we’ve seen some awe inspiring, almost inconceivable advancements over the years–so many that it has become virtually impossible to keep up with all of the technological developments and machinery improvements in 21st century automobiles.

This informative report will zoom in on the most sought-after inclusions in contemporary cars and help you make sense of what really matters as you prepare for your next purchase.

What Are the Coolest, Most Intuitive Features?

Evaluating the aesthetic qualities of a particular vehicle is a wholly subjective exercise, because everyone has disparate tastes, partialities, and leanings with regard to the visual appeal of a car, truck, or SUV.

On the other hand, appraising the fundamental, built-in aspects of an automobile is much more straightforward and direct, but you have to understand the exclusive options at your disposal:

  • Automated folding side mirrors that activate every time you turn off the engine. This enables you to mitigate hit and run damage on busy or narrow streets.
  • Adjustable headlights that can be widened or brightened according to the roadway conditions and time of day.
  • Intuitive console notifications to keep you abreast of important warnings and bulletins, such as icy road notices, current fuel economy, specified service alerts, and other vital bits of information.
  • Enhanced safety components including hands-free calling, high-definition back-up cameras, forward collision alleviation, and LATCH safety belt provisions.
  • Opulent interior lighting and panoramic technology that can transform your entire overhead panel into a translucent glass sunroof.
  • ECO driving modes which moderate the fuel required to activate transmission functions and sustain overall engine power. ECO modes also allay your throttle controls, mitigate AC waste, and streamline mechanical functionality to effectively spare fuel.

As you can see, modern cars have reconceptualised the very essence of modernity.

Are These Inclusions Expensive?

If you drop over to your local Phillip Mitsubishi centre, you can browse through all of the most acclaimed brands and facilitate a few test drives so that you can get a feel for new-age vehicles.

All of the aforementioned peripherals, fixings, and frills are able to deliver unprecedented luxury, lavishness, and innovation, but it’s worth pointing out the fact that they do not come with a premium price tag.

Irrespective of your budgetary purview or financing requirements, you’ll be able to select a very well equipped, individualised automobile and leave the lot feeling like true royalty, so head over to a certified dealership to start kicking some tyres.

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