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Everything You Need to Know About the MOT Services in the UK

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As a responsible driver, you need to ensure that you follow the traffic rules. Furthermore, you need to adhere to specific guidelines set by the government. For example, you need to take some tests to ensure that your car is indeed safe to drive.

MOT or the Ministry of Transport test is an essential test that every car owner needs to renew every year. It is a test that assesses the roadworthiness of a particular vehicle.

The Ministry of Transport conducts the roadworthiness examination for vehicles that are three years old or more. As a car owner, you must ensure that your MOT certification is always up-to-date because you may face penalties and car insurance problems. It will also help you prevent road accidents that can cause lost of lives or major injuries.

What does the test include?

You can book the test anytime you want. In fact, you’re allowed to book the test a month before your MOT certificate expires. If you opt to renew a month before the expiration date, your new MOT certification will expire after 13 months.

During the scheduled testing day, you won’t need to bring additional requirements. You only need to bring your vehicle to the testing centre.

An agent from the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) will carry out the examination. The test covers checking the vehicle identification number, registration plate, steering and suspension, lights, windscreen, wipers, washer bottle, horn, seats, seatbelt, emissions, fuel system, mirrors, tyres, bodywork and brakes.

After checking the condition of the vehicle, the testing agent will list all the possible improvements that you need to make. If your car fails the test, you can schedule another test in the future. You must have all the listed defects repaired by your trusted mechanic.

 What to do before the test

To ensure that you pass the test, you should have your vehicle serviced. Find a garage shop that offers quality MOT services. Like in the MOT test, the mechanic needs to check the overall condition of your vehicle.

One of the most important aspects of your vehicle is the lights. The mechanic needs to check if the lights of your vehicle work correctly. The mechanic needs to inspect the sidelights, headlights, hazard lights, indicators and rear lights.

Second, you must check the number plate. It should accurately show the registration number of your vehicle. If your license plate doesn’t reflect the correct registration number, you might get fined. In most cases, the MOT charges up to £1,000 if your license plate isn’t accurate.

Another important feature you must check is your tyres and wheels. The mechanic needs to examine the quality of the tyres. If the tread of the tyres reaches 3mm, the mechanic will advise you to replace it. If you don’t replace it, you may also get fined by the local authorities.

The mechanic will also examine your seatbelts, windscreens and other door parts. Rest assured that your mechanic will advise you what to do so that you can pass the MOT test. It’s crucial to have your vehicle serviced a few weeks before your designated testing schedule.

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