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Automotive CRM: Using Industry-Specific Solutions

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Those who have been in the sales industry for years witnessed how industry people depended on the phone and other simpler technology before the internet came into the limelight. But the Word Wide Web has allowed car dealerships to sell more vehicles than they can imagine. In fact, new internet-based technology has provided them the ability to build lasting relationships with their customers.

Customer Relationship Management for the Auto Dealerships

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a solution used by all kinds of businesses for storing customer data and managing relationships with them. This solution allows your dealerships to have a central location for customer information, opportunities and leads.

But a number of CRM systems have extra features that you may not need in your dealership. In fact, they may even make things quite confusing. Some of them though may lack features which would make your dealership life a lot easier. This is the reason you must invest in a CRM platform that is specific to your industry such as an automotive CRM system.

Benefits of Automotive CRM

  • Streamline the Lead Distribution Process. Do you have a process in place if leads come in? Are you used to assigning every lead manually? No matter what’s your approach to lead distribution, you cannot avoid getting complaints from your people for the unfair distribution of leads. The best solution to this is to set up an automotive CRM system that will distribute leads in a round-robin way. This makes lead distribution fair and lets you save time.

  • Reduce the Chances of Missing Deals. Deals are opportunities you don’t want to miss. However, they can fall through the cracks when there is something forgotten in the sales process. An automotive CRM allows you to set up an action plan which makes particular tasks based on every stage of the selling process. This ensures that your employees will not lose any deal because of forgetting a certain task. In case the deal falls through, you can check the CRM and determine what happened then make a follow-up with your customer to hopefully save the sale.

  • Help Manage the Up Sheets. It takes time to manage a customer’s up sheet; however, an automotive dealer CRM system can help with this. Tasks and appointments can be scheduled from within the up sheet and make available for mobile barcode scanning for the vehicle identification and driver’s license of customers.

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